A collective study lab

This is the list of our current events. All seminars in the 2023 edition take place at 5 pm CET, both online and in person. See the posters for the venues, or the links for the virtual registration.

To access the recordings of our past lectures and seminars, please check our Archives.


13 April 2023, Cristina Cielo, “Cultivation, reproduction, and disputes for diverse commons”

16 May 2023, Beyond Inhabitation Lab, “ERC Inhabiting Radical Housing, Half-Day Conference”

18 May 2023, Erin McElroy, “Becoming and Unbecoming Silicon Valley: Techno Fantasies and Frictions in Postsocialist Times”

22 June 2023, Asha Best, “Envisioning Just Urban Futures: Using Visual Methods to Trace Geographies of Policing”


26 January 2023, Tanzil Shafique, “The myth of the bottom-up in precarious housing”

23 February 2023, Melissa García-Lamarca , “Life and struggle with mortgage debt”

CANCELLED by the speaker — 16 March 2023, Joanna Kusiak, “Law and politics, or the politics of law”


19 May 2022, Irene Peano, “Thinking Through Radical Inhabitations”

30 June 2022, Alana Osbourne, “Decolonial Tours”

14 July 2022, Wangui Kimari, “We Are All Taxonomists”