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Greetings all,    This is a recap, in alphabetical order, of Lab’s members publications in the last few months. Happy reading! Silvia Aru  Camillo Boano  The

Housing and inhabitation: situated geographies of intersectional struggles RC21 Conference, July 24-26th 2024, Santiago, ChileConference details: https://rc21conference2024.coes.cl/ Organised by: Michele Lancione, Margherita Grazioli and Ana

The week of 23-28 October Beyond Inhabitation Lab’s members moved to Mexico City to attend the 9th International Congress of Critical Geography.  Lab members, Michele Lancione,

“La casa: un incrocio di lotte” is a join initiative of PLAT (an autonomous Social Intervention Platform based in Bologna, Italy) and the Beyond Inhabitation

On may 16th, 2023, members of the ERC Project Inhabiting Radical Housing (grant n. 851940, PI: Lancione) presented preliminary findings from research work conducted over