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FARE Post-doctoral Research Fellow at DIST, Polytechnic of Turin

Chiara Iacovone is a critical urban geographer with a background in Architecture, holding a PhD in Urban and Regional Development. Her research activity mostly focuses on housing financialization in the Mediterranean area. During her PhD, she explored professionalization in the accommodation platforms linked to the real estate financial complex in South Europe.

Currently, Chiara is working as part of the FARE research project on “Precarious Housing in Eastern Europe: Histories, Geographies and Urban Political Economies”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Research and Universities (PI: Lancione).

Selected publications

Dagkouli-Kyriakoglou, M., Tulumello S., Cocola-Gant A., Iacovone C., Pettas D. (2022). Digital mediated short-term rentals in the (post-) pandemic city. Digital Geography and Society, (3).

Valz Gris, A., Iacovone, C., Safina, A., Pollio, A., & Governa, F. (2022). Il ‘campo’ geografico di un’etnografia sottile. Cinque esperimenti di fieldwork. Rivista Geografica Italiana – Open Access (1)

Iacovone, C., Valz Gris, A., Safina, A., Pollio, A., & Governa, F. (2020). Breaking the distance: Dialogues of care in a time of limited geographies. Dialogues in Human Geography, 10(2), 124-127.